8年間に渡るバザー会場でお目にかかった方ばかりで、 我々ボランティアを紹介いただきました時には、大きな拍手で迎えてくださいました。

(英語でのスピーチ、とても緊張しました。 by Fukuchi )
 I would like to express my gratitude for your early support when the Great East Japan Earthquake happened in 2011.

Many female victims have been given hope and courage through the bazaar twice a year by Union Church.

And also many people can get to know on the activities of Heart Knit, because of it.

The victims, called” Amimar” have restarted to work as their job through the variable experiences which you gave us.

We have started new organization with the cooperation of several companies this time.

Thank you for your great and long support to us.


Thank you very much.